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Name: David S.
Location: Wells, Maine
We heard about Hong Kong Market while visiting East Restaurant in town. We wanted to try our hand at making Chinese food just for giggles, and the head waiter told us to go the Portland to visit Hong Kong Market for authentic items to try our luck. We found everything we need to try to make some of our favorites. Anyway, the people at HKM were exceptionally nice and we shall see if we can make some of our favorites. Grin Love
Reply: Thank you, David. Good luck with the Chinese Food. We would be interested in hearing how it came out.
Posted on: Thursday - Feb 9, 2017
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Name: James L.
Location: Rockland, Maine
My wife arrive in Maine 5 years ago from China, not having her Native food made her feel even more seperated from her culture...Then we discovered Hong Kong Market what a God sent .....Thank you for being in business ! You have made a woman's transition from one Culture to another so much easier ...She felt like she was home as soon as she walked into the Market..we recommend you folks all the time A+ to the staff ! Clap
Reply: Thank you, so much for you customer comment. We truly appreciate it that you took the time to give your feedback.
Posted on: Friday - Dec 30, 2016
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Name: Kaleb Q.
Location: Old Orchard Beach
Hong Kong Market is the only place I go for my Oriental groceries. I've been going there twice a week for the last six years. The prices are low and the selection is great! I never leave disappointed. : )
Reply: WOW! You made our day! The feeling of doing your job and for someone to be pleased with what you do is a great feeling. Thank you so much for your great testimonial and for your continued support over the years.
Posted on: Monday - Mar 7, 2016
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Name: Monica G.
Location: Portland, ME
I came across your store by accident, and am I ever so glad I did. Now, when ever anyone visits me from "away" I make sure we take a trip to see you! You have an amazing selection of items that I just can't find anywhere else, and everything is well marked with what it is. Thank you so much for providing me with so many new things to try, and so many hard to find ingredients!
Reply: It is our pleasure. We love what you had to say about us. Thank you.
Posted on: Friday - Oct 23, 2015
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Name: Alan and Xiu L.
Location: Limestone, ME
We plan our visits 'downstate' to include re-stocking at Hong Kong Market. The service is incredible, the selection of traditional Asian foods is unsurpassed anywhere north of Boston. We are very, very grateful for this store. Happy New Year to all of you at Hong Kong Market! Clap
Reply: Thank you, Alan and Xiu! We love hearing that our market serves you well. We want to wish you (and your family) a very Happy New Year, also. You are too kind!
Posted on: Tuesday - Feb 10, 2015
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Name: Winnie
Location: Cape Elizabeth, ME
The market is well stocked with diverse asian goods, veggies and meats and even chinese pastries. The owners are very friendly and helpful. They even take requests for certain items if you call in. Definitely recommend this market and we visit almost weekly.
Reply: Thank you, Winnie, we are so pleased that you find us helpful, and that you would recommend us to others. Smiley
Posted on: Saturday - Jan 31, 2015
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Name: Nina Patel
Location: Portland, Maine
Our family like this market and we can almost always find what we are looking for. Good job, Honk Kong Market.
Reply: Thank you, Nina, Please tell your friends about Hong Kong Market and tell them to visit our web site to see some of our items.
Posted on: Tuesday - Dec 9, 2014
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Name: Tammy L.
Location: Portland, ME
Smiley We like that you are open 7 days a week since my husband and I can only get down there on Sundays. Liked your selection of veggies and seafood. Do you accept coupons? Love
Reply: It pleases us that we are a store that is convenient to suit your busy lifestyle. I will have to ask the owner about the coupons. Thanks.
Posted on: Saturday - Oct 4, 2014
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Name: Shakeeta W.
Location: Portland, ME
Cool place to shop for items we can't find anywhere else in Portland, and I mean ANYWHERE! Super Easy to get to.
Reply: Nice seeing you the other day Shakeet, and THANK YOU!!!!
Posted on: Saturday - Sep 6, 2014
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Name: Linda H.
Location: Portland, ME
This is a great place to find all those "hard-to-find" imported, Asian teas, noodles, rice and other groceries that are not sold at the larger grocery stores. This is truly an Asian market grocery store, right here in Portland, Maine. Smiley
Reply: Thank you, Linda, we appreciate your comments.
Posted on: Sunday - Aug 31, 2014
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